Adler reflects on his moment in the sun

It was a big night for State Senator/3rd District congressional candidate John Adler, who got to share the main stage at the Democratic National Convention with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman (DCCC) Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and several other top Democratic House prospects.

It was a brief but powerful moment in the spotlight for Adler, who spoke one sentence in front of the crowd.

“In a governmental, political sense, it meant a lot to me to be with people who together want to make a better, more prosperous, stronger America,” reflected Adler hours afterwards. “And frankly, on a more personal basis, it was thrilling to me to have my wife in the front section, in the Illinois delegation, to take a picture of me.”

With such a heady day, Adler said he hadn’t even noticed opponent Chris Myers’s press release about the DCCC mailer sent to voters in his district with a photoshopped picture of Myers and President Bush walking together.

“I don’t know about the mail piece. I’ll have to find out about it,” he said.

Adler reflects on his moment in the sun