Amtrak President: We’re in ‘Transportation Crisis’

I took Amtrak last week to meet with its president and chief executive, Alex Kummant, in his office in Washington’s Union Station. We talked about Moynihan Station, the planned New Jersey Transit tunnel under the Hudson, the recent fare hikes, the many delays out of Penn, and the fact that a lot more Americans, in the Northeast and elsewhere, are taking trains.

We’re in a different world today from a transportation point of view. We’re seeing dramatic growth; we’re seeing dramatic needs; we’re seeing the airlines pull back in capacity. The country tends to react in these large issues in crisis; and, I think, yeah, we are in a transportation crisis. Will something happen overnight right now? Probably not.

Here’s the long version of the interview. A shorter one will be in tomorrow’s print Observer. Amtrak President: We’re in ‘Transportation Crisis’