Andres Serrano’s Back With More Gross Art

Anyone who picked up the Village Voice this morning and turned to Lynn Yaeger’s cover story on page 14 was met with a stomach-churning surprise that may have ruined their already unpleasant subway commute to work—a vivid, closeup pile of human excrement belonging to the artist Andres Serrano.

Mr. Serrano is perhaps best known as the guy who, quite controversially back in 1989, dunked a crucifix in his own urine, took a photograph of it, and titled the work “Piss Christ.” Now, as Ms. Yaeger reports, Mr. Serrano is back with a new potty-talk inducing project: taking pictures of animal feces.

No joke. Apparently, after Mr. Serrano shot the aforementioned self-fecal-matter portrait, “I realized I saw a face—actually a face—in it! A sign.”

And the rest was history: 66 piles of animal waste—including that of his Dalmatian, Luther, and also that of a bull, natch—will be on display starting Sept. 4 at the Yvon Lambert Gallery. And as if the close-up shit shot in today’s Voice wasn’t enough (we keep vomiting in our mouths a little every time we have to look at it while trying to finish this post), some of the photos will be blown up eight-feet high. But nonetheless, Mr. Serrano seems confident that people will enjoy his work: “My ego as an artist says I can make anything look good, even shit. The show is also very basic—in a way, what I’m saying is that we all think we have the best shit. If you want to see some real shit, check out my shit! … I got the best shit in town.”

For the curious and brave, a slideshow can be found here.

Andres Serrano’s Back With More Gross Art