Anna Wintour’s Favorite Dress

Perhaps Anna Wintour has been so busy organizing fund-raisers that she has sort of dropped the ball on maintaining the image of the fashion editor whose closet is supposed to be the size of France and who would never disappoint her trembling fans by wearing the same dress twice. (At least not in the same country–same rules as cheating on your wife apply.)

But the woman who is supposed to be fashion perfection has worn the same turquoise Oscar de la Renta Resort ’09 dress three times since May! And in public! Where paparazzi were lurking!

She debuted it at an after-party for the premiere of Sex and the City in May, and has since worn the belted dress, which falls a touch below the knee, to Tommy Hilfiger‘s engagement party in June with nude-colored heels. Most recently, she donned the dress for the opening ceremony of the U.S. Open, pairing it with a light sweater and what appear to be the same shoes she wore to Mr. Hilfiger’s event.

But Ms. Wintour’s fascination with the marbled dress doesn’t end there. It seems that this garment is truly Ms. Wintour’s favorite article of clothing this summer. Because as we began to follow the trail of the curious turquoise dress, we found one just like in a grassy green color! This version was worn by Ms. Wintour to the Paris shows in June.

Truly, we think the apocalypse must be right around the corner. And while we go set our collection of Vogues on fire, we invite you to click through a slideshow.




Anna Wintour’s Favorite Dress