Bloomberg Asleep at Memorial Service?

A reader drew my attention to this story about the memorial service funeral for two firefighters killed in the Deutsche Bank fire. From Downtown Express

One more thing that Bloomberg could have done was to pay attention to the speeches Monday morning in Graffagnino and Beddia’s honor. A female friend of Graffagnino’s family nudged this reporter during the speeches and gestured toward Bloomberg, who sat facing the rows of family members.

“He’s sleeping!” the woman whispered indignantly.

And, indeed, Bloomberg did appear to have briefly dozed off. His chin was angled toward his chest, listing to the side. His eyes were closed. The friend, who did not want to give her name, said Bloomberg had been nodding off throughout the ceremony. A freelance photographer also noticed Bloomberg’s catnap, which she said lasted for about 15 seconds. A round of applause soon startled him to his feet.

Jason Post, a Bloomberg spokesperson, said Bloomberg was not asleep.

“It’s a little strange,” the Graffagnino friend later said of the ceremony, “what with city being at such fault for what happened…. And then to have the mayor sleeping during it, that’s…”


“Quite,” she said.

  Bloomberg Asleep at Memorial Service?