Bloomberg, Skelos and Millions of Dollars

Michael Bloomberg didn’t deny a published report that he was approached by Republican State Senate Leader Dean Skelos, who told him Republicans need $10 million to hold onto their two-seat majority in that house.

“I have no idea what it costs to run a Senate race or State Assembly race,” Bloomberg said when asked about it at a press conference in Foley Square this morning. “I can tell you what it costs to run a mayoral campaign. I’ve been through two of them.”

He went on to say that political races are expensive, and that “[a] lot of democracy has degenerated into fund-raising.”

Bloomberg already gave $500,000 to the Republican Party to help them keep their majority. The $10 million price tag is twice as much as Republican billionaire Tom Golisano is saying he’ll spend to support candidates from all parties this fall.

Mark Hansen, a spokesman for Skelos, told me, “I don’t know where the story came from and I couldn’t comment on it.”

Bloomberg, Skelos and Millions of Dollars