Bob Master on Paterson’s Inner Gingrich

With all his talk about cutting state spending instead of raising taxes on the rich, David Paterson is running the risk of losing his “liberal” status in the eyes of Bob Master.

Master, co-chair of the Working Families Party and legislative and political director for the Communication Workers of America, a major union here and in New Jersey, thinks Paterson, and his colleague next door, Jon Corzine, are taking a conservative Republican approach to state finances, while another liberal Democrat, Barack Obama, is staying true to the liberal cause.

Master said Obama is “saying we have to discontinue the tax cuts for the rich and we have to invest. And we have liberal Democrats in New York and New Jersey who are saying ‘No. Government is out of control.’”

“Use that money to fund universal health care. That’s what Obama is saying,” Master added. “That’s what Obama is saying. ‘We’re going to take the money that we saved and we’re going to put it in universal health care.’ He’s talking about infrastructure investment, so on and so forth. And we got these two supposedly liberal governors in two of the most liberal states in the country, touting their credentials as deficit hawks and attacking government spending as wildly out of control.”

“What it really does is sort of demonstrates the depths to which the republican right wing, Gingrich, small-government, anti-tax sentiment has completely saturated the political debate,” he said.

Master isn’t the first economic liberal to feel like he’s losing Paterson’s ear. But Paterson may have other things to worry about.

Bob Master on Paterson’s Inner Gingrich