Celebrity Blogs: Love and War

Roseanne Barr has a blog! And, as Page Six has reported, she’s using it to attack Angelina Jolie for failing to officially endorse Barack Obama’s candidacy. In open letter to the mother of—six now, right?–yesterday, Ms. Barr writes:

…Miss jolie says she likes mccain too and hasn’t decided who to endorse….huh? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the african daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the republican party’s worldwide economic assault on africa over the last few decades since reagan? whaaaa…??????!!!! (for that matter, the thai and cambodian sons you are photo’d with weekly too who’s pictures you sell to raise money to help the poor? Their families are victims of America’s right wing military incursions too…Now go back to making your movies about women who love to handle big guns that shoot hundreds of people to death. Ps….it might be good for your asian and african children’s self esteem to know you support a brown man for the leader of the free world.)

A few hours later, addressing the influx of calls she’d apparently received from "celeb news" outlets regarding her Angelina screed, Ms. Barr laments the lack of press attention directed at her numerous other celebrity condemnations, which she crafts in an attempt to combat “the media’s representation of what is good or cool, because those who inhabit the media world of glamour and entertainment and fashion and gossip are horrid people who have no talent of any kind, and yet think of themselves as tastemakers."

So, in an effort to distance ourselves from the horrid, untalented horde, let us direct you to Roseanne World, where you can find criticism of "howard dean, pumas, obama, hillary, maureen dowd, bush cheney, pelosi, congress, religion capitalism and satan," along with Ms. Barr’s grocery lists and updates on her struggle to stop biting her nails. 

In a less controversial corner of the Internet, Kanye West has created an impressive homage to Scarlett Johansson, his “favorite white girl.” In a post spanning six pages, he provides his readership with over a hundred photos of the actress.

Celebrity Blogs: Love and War