Choi says young people really will turn out for Obama

DENVER — As one of the younger faces in the New Jersey delegation, Jun Choi, 37, insists this year will be different: instead of paying lip service to the Democratic candidate, young people will actually come out to vote for Barack Obama.

More than they came out for Bill Clinton in 1992. And certainly more than the lackluster youth vote for John Kerry in 2004.

“The difference between Obama and past candidates is that Barack’s leadership inspired a movement that has excited a whole new generation of young people to get involved in politics,” said Choi while attending a party sponsored by a lobbying/public relations firm.

And while the heady convention atmosphere may occasionally distance delegates from cynical thoughts, Choi firmly believes that not only will youth turn out for Obama, but that he’s started a movement that will last beyond his candidacy.

“If you remove Barack now, it just keeps going. He’s such a rock star who connects well with people of the next generation. You haven’t seen this since the 1960s,” he said.

Choi says young people really will turn out for Obama