Clinton Supporter Smears Obama on MSNBC and Daily Show in Same Day; Who Let the Dogs Out?

Meet Cristi Adkins, Hillary Clinton’s number one supporter and the media’s go-to Barack Obama hater.

You may have seen Ms. Adkins arguing with Chris Matthews on MSNBC about whether or not Barack Obama "went to a Muslim school." (This comes via The Huffington Post‘s Jason Linkins.) Ms. Adkins claimed to Mr. Matthews that she had "a 17-page report written by a Congressional investigator" to prove it. (She declined to share the report or the name of its author and/or funders with Mr. Matthews and asked if he needed his ears cleaned out when he pressed her to clarify her position.)

Ms. Adkins also popped up last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, playfully unleashing a dog on a Barack Obama stand-in. Fun! (See video above.)

Ms. Adkins’ fifteen minutes started as far back as June 11th when she appeared on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes and explained her mission as follows:

I looked at the character of the candidates. And quite frankly, John McCain is a maverick. He’s a fighter. He’s scrappy. And I like that. I like fighters. Hillary Clinton is a fighter. John McCain is not so far right. He is not. He is right there in the middle with most of America. And quite frankly, Barack Obama is way far out there.

On August 6th, Ms. Adkins wrote an editorial for The Canada Free Press headlined "Move Over David Duke, There’s a New Racist Running for the White House." She also said on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto in July that Senator Obama needed more vetting since "he is dangerous and with the abundance of ties and affiliations that he has. Rezko, Odinga, just to name a few. With friends like those, who needs al Qaeda?" (Video here.)


Clinton Supporter Smears Obama on MSNBC and Daily Show in Same Day; Who Let the Dogs Out?