Clnton ‘Graceful, Kerry ‘Electrifying,’ McCain to Announce V.P. Tomorrow

Bill Clinton’s speech to the Democratic convention got rave reviews—Andrew Sullivan thinks it was one of the best speeches he has ever given. [Atlantic]

Howard Fineman agrees. [Newsweek]

Jonathan Chait calls the speech "graceful." [The Plank]

Ben Wasserstein notes one place where Bill Clinton conflicted with Obama’s message. [The Stump]

Times’s Karen Tumulty calls John Kerry’s speech "electrifying." [Swampland]

Candy Crowley wonders where this Kerry was four years ago. [CNN]

Joe Biden was introduced by his son, Beau, the attorney general of Delaware who is deploying to Iraq this fall. [Daily Kos]

Obama appeared on stage after Biden spoke and, among other points, defended his choice to hold tomorrow night’s speech at the Invesco stadium. [Ben Smith]

According to Jonathan Weisman, it was "an extraordinary piece of theatre." [Washington Post]

John McCain has decided on a running mate and will announce the pick tomorrow; Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen say it’s likely to be Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, but Joe Lieberman is still in the mix. [Politico]

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wonders why the Obama campaign is suddenly so defensive about Bill Ayers. [WSJ]

David Axelrod offered a preview of Obama’s speech, but it’s not particularly revealing. [First Read]

The Iraq war veterans who led a large protest through Denver today are being granted a meeting with someone from the Obama campaign. [A.P.]

Teamsters President James Hoffa was invited to sit in Obama’s box. [Politico]

Clnton ‘Graceful, Kerry ‘Electrifying,’ McCain to Announce V.P. Tomorrow