Congrats, Chuck! You’re Getting a Full Season

After watching the pilot last year, we didn’t figure Chuck would become one of our favorite shows: it looked like a cheap episode of 24, filled with cringe-worthy humor, and it featured one of the most annoying supporting performances in the history of television (Joshua Gomez as Chuck’s irritating sidekick Morgan.)

But by the end of whatever truncated first season Chuck was allowed to accomplish (thanks WGA!), we were totally in love. It’s not the plotting, a predictable mix of True Lies, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The 40-Year-Old Virgin; it’s the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah (played admirably by Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski.) They’re great and adorable and we totally want to see them get together, so much so that we’ll accept whatever contrived road blocks get in their way on the path to television true love.

So it goes without saying that we’re pretty excited to hear that NBC has given Chuck a full-season order for its second season, despite being a full month away from the season premiere. Apparently, NBC is so confident in the six episodes they’ve already seen, they want to see what Josh Schwartz can do with a full episode order of 22.

We know that Chuck has not, as of yet, garnered any of the cult internet following of Schwartz’s other show (a little something called Gossip Girl). But we’d argue it was actually more consistently entertaining throughout its first season, and more likable. We care about Sarah and Chuck and Chuck’s sister Ellie (the beautiful and big-eyed Sarah Lancaster) in a way that we, personally, probably won’t ever care about Blair and Serena and Dan and Jenny.

And, yeah, even the annoying Morgan grew on us by the end of the season.


Congrats, Chuck! You’re Getting a Full Season