Corzine: Christie record credible ‘in one area’

WEST ORANGE – A Quinnipiac University poll released this morning that shows Gov. Jon Corzine just one percentage point ahead of potential GOP candidate U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie does not surprise Corzine, who said it’s the unfortunate consequence of making tough decisions.

"We will continue to do things to make sure New Jerseyans have a much better quality of life in the long-run, though it may be unpopular in the short term," said the governor, who according to Quinnipiac trails Christie by a margin of 41-40%.

With high food and gas prices and America in the midst of a recession, New Jerseyans do not feel good about the national environment, said Corzine. If he were a Republican he would also be interested in a Christie candidacy. The law and order man has a "relatively high profile, name recognition and a credible record. …in one area," Corzine said.

"I suspect he’d be a formidable candidate," he added of Christie.

The governor, who claims to have presided over a $600 million slashing of the state budget this year, said while he would of course like to see higher poll numbers

"If they were up, it’s better than it feels to be down," said Corzine, but he does not anticipate being happy, he added, until the public feels the benefits of what his administration is doing.

The governor’s comments came at a bill signing here today at the West Orange Armory. The bill expands voting rights for military personnel and New Jersey citizens overseas to include state and local elections.

Corzine: Christie record credible ‘in one area’