Cunningham still mum on mayoral prospects

DENVER — State Sen. Sandra B. Cunningham still hasn’t made a decision about whether she’ll run for mayor of Jersey City. And that’s as much as she’ll say on the subject.

“I don’t know yet,” she said. “I’d rather not answer any of the stuff relating to that right now.”

Although Cunningham is staying in the same hotel as incumbent Mayor Jerramiah Healy, both said that they had not discussed anything about the mayor’s race during their time at the convention or, for that matter, ever (whether people close to them are talking about it is a different matter).

Cunningham, who was an early Barack Obama backer, said that watching him winthe Democratic nomination for president was almost as exciting as seeing her late husband, Glenn Cunningham, become the first black mayor of Jersey City.

Mayor Cunningham, she said, was a big fan of Clinton, and he died in 2004 – just months before Barack Obama became well-known in Democratic circles outside of Illinois, let alone a household name.

“He liked Hillary a lot, but being the historian that he was, he would understand the significance of this. He would be over the moon,” she said.

Cunningham still mum on mayoral prospects