Daschle on Obama’s Polls, The Real Cost of Escalators

The Willets Point land deal critical to redevelopment isn’t going to fall through, but the neighborhood where the business is moving still doesn’t want them. [Crain’s]

Tom Daschle blames Barack Obama’s stagnation in the polls on McCain’s "Celeb" ad. [Financial Times]

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission found radioactive strontium 90 in an Indian Point well, again. [Journal News]

New Yorkers no longer have the highest tax burden–now New Jersey does. [Politics on the Hudson]

Lawyers for property owners who have not sold to the city over Atlantic Yards think they may be able to argue that eminent domain would violate the state constitution in this case. [Brooklyn Paper]

A Brooklyn blog that has been looking into push polls on the Marty Connor-Dan Squadron race still have not heard back from Squadron’s campaign. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

A blogger does the math on New York’s new energy-saving escalators, and questions if they’re worth it. [Commuter Outrage] Daschle on Obama’s Polls, The Real Cost of Escalators