Denver International Airport’s Lautenberg wing

Frank Lautenberg may have had to settle for having a train station named after him instead of Newark Airport, but former Denver Mayor Wellington Web joked today that he may yet get his name on part of an airport – just not one in New Jersey.

Webb addressed the New Jersey delegation at their breakfast this morning.

“We decided to build a new airport and didn’t have the money to do it. We found a great advocate for us in Senator Frank Lautenberg,” said Webb, the first and only African-American Mayor of Denver. “As a matter of fact, a wing of that airport should be named after Frank Lautenberg.”

But the New Jersey connection didn’t end there.

“The reason Jon Corzine is able to be Governor is that he was managing the bonds on the Denver airport at Goldman Sachs. So there’s a connection from your governor too,” said Wellington. “And not only that, but I was pleased to have a donation from Jon Corzine when he was at Goldman Sachs when I was running for Mayor.”

Denver International Airport’s Lautenberg wing