Denver Starbucks a Goldmine for Paparazzi

Celebrities probably should’ve been warned that Denver may be the friendliest city in the country. Over the course of an hour or so the other day, four different paparazzi dropped by the coffee shop on the corner of Champa and 18th streets. The conversations went something like the following:

Paparazzo: Have you had any celebrities in here today?

Barista #1: Yes we have! Steven Spielberg was in earlier. He ordered a caramel macchiato.

Paparazzo: Anybody else?

Barista #2: Eva Longoria was here.

Barista #1: Oh, and Kate Capshaw, too. I think they’re staying nearby. She looked like she had just come from working out.

Paparazzo: Great. Thanks.

Baristas #1 and #2: No problem! Have a great day!

Denver Starbucks a Goldmine for Paparazzi