Devorah Rose Wants Cityfile to, Like, Get a Life, Okay?

Saturday, August 2, was a rainy day in the Hamptons. Polo in Bridgehampton was cancelled. The roads were muddy. Our

Saturday, August 2, was a rainy day in the Hamptons. Polo in Bridgehampton was cancelled. The roads were muddy. Our hair got frizzy, and our state of mind was such that we ventured out to Devorah Rose‘s Social Life Magazine "estate" in Watermill (there’s another in Southampton) for a party celebrating the magazine’s August issue. The Daily Transom, which is not exactly shy but has a crippling aversion to television cameras, had previously avoided all of Ms. Rose’s productions in genuine fear of accidentally ending up on the reality show that has supposedly been filming there this summer.

The invite promised an "exclusive and private guest list" of "celebrities, socialites, jet-setters, and taste-makers." Near the pool, we found bona fide Long Island celebrity Michael Lohan lounging with 24-year-old girlfriend Erin Muller.

"She has a great family and I love her dad," Mr. Lohan, who is 48, told us.

Mr. Lohan is still waiting for paternity test results to find out if he fathered a third daughter; meanwhile, first daughter Lindsay is doing well, he said. Ms. Lohan recently criticized Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton for saying that the paparazzi problem in L.A. has gotten better since she had "gone gay."

"I’m a Christian and I believe that God created men and women to procreate and be together," said Mr. Lohan, who was wearing slacks and striped dress shirt. "Anything apart from that will just hold you back in life. I don’t pry into Lindsay’s personal life, but if that is the lifestyle she’s involved in, then it’s between her and God. All I care about is that she’s staying clean."

"Michael loves our parties!" said Ms. Rose, who was greeting guests and posing for photos in an open-backed floral mini-dress.

Ms. Rose had a few things on her mind, but none as urgent as responding to Friday’s profile of her published on Cityfile.

"I got the silly article forwarded to me, and they were like, ‘She’s not from Newton,’" said Ms. Rose. She grabbed our tape recorder and yanked it up to her mouth. "I am from Newton! I lived in Newton Highlands, I lived in Newton Centre, so like, get a life, okay?"

Also: "It said I was a social-climber, but I am like the anti-social-climber! They said I might be related to some Guatemalan oil someone, but um, Venezuela is where oil comes from and my uncle, Nelson Vasquez, was the inventor of those things that pump oil out of water. I can send you the info! So it’s like, what are you talking about, get your facts straight, get a life!"

"I was born in Plano, Texas, then we went back to Venezuela—my mother’s family is from Caracas." Ms. Rose pronounced "Caracas" with a Spanish accent. "My dad’s is from Guatemala, then we moved to Newton, Massachusetts." It’s settled, then!

Was there anything in the write-up Ms. Rose approved of?

That would be the part about her novel, which she said took place in Martinique, Venezuela and modern day America.

"Ever since I was little, all I wanted to do was to be a novelist. I just wanted to be holed away in a little cabin reading and writing," said Ms. Rose. who has an MFA from Columbia. "I love Toni Morrison, I love Nabokov, Sam Lipsyte is a huge influence." She grabbed the tape recorder again. "I love real books! I didn’t leave my house for like a month when I wrote my book and then I rewrote it a million times and when I’m ready I’ll probably write another or rewrite the first one."

We wondered if that reality show Ms. Rose told us about months ago was still underway.

"It got green-lighted! I can’t say anything about it but it got picked up by a major network and we’re going to have a party here at the Social Life Estate on August 23 that will be filmed for the show."

And what will this series about Ms. Rose and her social friend be like?

Ms. Rose pondered this question for a moment. "If Bret Easton Ellis were going to create a reality show, it would be this.”


Devorah Rose Wants Cityfile to, Like, Get a Life, Okay?