Director David Wain on Getting Girls in Wainy Days

Director David Wain has had a cult following since his 1993 sketch comedy show The State, which he made with college buds Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter. Wain obsessives followed him to summer camp for 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer and then in 2007, they got a mixed-reviewed The Ten (the Czar interviewed Mr. Wain at the Sunshine theater when that movie came out). Now his fans have followed him to the internet. His web series Wainy Days is a minor hit on comedy site My Damn Channel, with more than 6 million viewers clicking over to watch him fail miserably at wooing women in five-to-six minute-long shorts.

The third season finale of Wainy Days "aired" yesterday and Wired interviewed Mr. Wain about the success of the web series and his new movie, Role Models, starring Paul Rudd (dreamboat) and Elizabeth Banks (fem dreamboat).

How does his real-life girlfriend feel about him making out with ladies and broadcasting it on the internet?

Wain: I think she’d rather see me making out with some girl on a web series than in real life — so it’s OK. My girlfriend (Zandy Hartig) is actually on the show, though, and I think she kind of gets into it. She plays Zandy, the woman that I have this potential long-term relationship with. At the end of the first season, she gets pregnant, and episode 11 is all about our relationship. What goes into putting together each episode and season of Wainy Days?

Wain: It depends on what we all have going on that week — usually we shoot two a day, but for this last batch of six, we shot them all in one week. Most of what I’ve done — up until this year — is incredibly low budget. I’m used to moving fast and understanding what needs to get done — its the opposite of how most movies are made. But it works for me and I don’t get bored. How does writing Wainy Days differ from writing a TV show or movie?

Wain: Infinite freedom. I can do anything and there’s no approval process at all. It’s so different to shoot [an episode and] have it be [watched] in three days. The current film I’m working on has been a two-month-long [filming] process and even that was fast. With Wainy Days, I just whip it out as fast as I can and shoot. With a movie or TV show, there’s much more diplomacy and rewriting. This is much more pure. But that’s what I like about the web.

You can catch up on Wainy Days here (look out for cameo appearances from Jonah Hill and Michael Ian Black) and check out the trailer for Role Models here.


Director David Wain on Getting Girls in Wainy Days