Elsewhere: Arkansas’ Mistake, Davis’ ‘Friends,’ Paterson’s Love for New Jersey

Barack Obama officially won the Democratic nomination for president through acclamation after New Mexico yielded to Illinois, Illinois yielded to New York, and and Hillary Clinton handed the whole thing over with a short speech on the floor.

Good news: Obama accepted.

Here’s full list of how the state delegations voted.

It turns out that the Arkansas delegation’s unanimous vote was actually a clerical mistake.

The process was carefully orchestrated, says Ben Smith.

They played "Love Train," which was sort of weird.

In response to Obama’s nomination, John McCain invoked Bill Ayers.

Chris Beam spent a day with Lanny Davis, and says Davis uses the word "friend" so much that it "starts to sound like an insult."

John Kerry is apparently going to deliver the scathing McCain criticism that some Democrats have been waiting for.

John Podesta said Bill Clinton would campaign with Obama if asked.

David Paterson discussed Dennis Schulman, a blind Congressional candidate from New Jersey.

He also said he just loves New Jersey, in general.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not show up in St. Paul.

An anti-war protest led by Iraq veterans drew thousands on a four-mile march. (Picture above from flickr).

Elsewhere: Arkansas’ Mistake, Davis’ ‘Friends,’ Paterson’s Love for New Jersey