Elsewhere: Clinton, Bloomberg, Jay-Z

Karl Rove issued an internal warning in April 2001 about the political dangers of Gulf War syndrome and anthrax vaccines.

David Dinkins got a pacemaker.

Chuck Schumer wants Barack Obama to get more aggressive, and called John McCain’s attack ad “powerful.”

A college newspaper columnist writes, “Barack, are you sure you know what the Clintons are capable of? “

Ben Fried isn’t too excited about Obama’s livable cities plank.

On term limits, Matt Hampton writes, “Everything from family ties to office connections puts a very big council in a fairly small number of hands. “

Readers in the comments section cheer Dave Pollak’s new job with the Obama campaign.

And Josh Silverstein is glad to see Pollak’s back.

State Senate Democrats aren’t talking much about the property tax vote.

Andrew Cuomo is getting billions of dollars out of Citigroup.

James Madore picks up on the critical story about Cuomo’s role in the housing mess.

Cuomo denied he’s interested in running for governor, saying, “We think about this afternoon. We think about tomorrow. Further than that, no. I’m happy being attorney general.”

Gatemouth writes how park politics are affecting the race between Marty Connor and Dan Squadron.

A YouTube watcher likes Bloomberg’s earlier praise of Hillary Clinton.

Despite the city’s efforts, the number of homeless families in the city hasn’t dropped.

And above is a picture of Jay-Z and Bloomberg, courtesy of the mayor’s press office. Elsewhere: Clinton, Bloomberg, Jay-Z