Elsewhere: Obama’s Clintonian Plan, Willets Point Falters

In The New Republic, Richard Stern writes that John McCain is “disgracing himself.”

The energy plan Barack Obama announced today, which includes releasing some oil reserves, is similar to what Bill Clinton did in 2000.

Clinton, however, has still not endorsed Obama.

Steve Cohen thinks Obama “has missed an opportunity to educate the American people about the futility of increased oil drilling.”

Staten Island’s Republican County Leader, John Friscia, tells Tom Wrobleski, “I’m not Boss Tweed.”

Robert Harding defends Chuck Schumer’s fierce loyalty to a former staffer, and says, “That might be a bad thing but it also could be a good thing, depending on your viewpoint.”

Adolfo Carrion and Kevin Parker are among the people with glowing testimonials on the web site for Ronnie Syke’s new P.R. company, which bills itself as “the maverick’s choice.”

The biggest land deal for the redevlopment of Willets Point may fall apart, reports Crain‘s.

And some critics are still saying there isn’t enough affordable housing in the plan.

Deval Patrick (“just words?”) and Obama (“just words?”) are expected to appear together at a fund-raiser.

Architectural miscegenation” and the McCain celebrity ad.

McCain got a lot of money from oil people right after reversing his stance on offshore drilling. 

Bob Novak is retiring due to his “dire” prognosis.

Obama created a military families working group.

McCain is handing out tire pumps to make fun of Obama. It’s really as silly as it seems.

Charlie Crist, a McCain surrogate, had restrained praise for Obama on energy.

Dick Cheney is not going to the Republican National Convention.

A commenter puts shark-related threats in context.

And, as pictured above, David Yassky announced that through an investigation he and Eric Gioia discovered a company dumping old barges in New York Harbor.


Elsewhere: Obama’s Clintonian Plan, Willets Point Falters