Elsewhere: Rudy’s Debt, Hoyt’s Affair, Bon Jovi’s Fund-Raiser

Paul Krugman likes the Obama campaign’s new, stupid-but-effective line of attack on John McCain.

"The Obama campaign doesn’t want to turn McCain into Richie Rich," writes Jason Zengerle. "They want to turn him into Morty Seinfeld."

Obama praised the agreement on American troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Michael Crowley is expecting some "I told you so’s" in Denver.

The New Republic has a long piece on how Cindy McCain made her husband

The National Review dug up an old interview in which McCain could not name what kind of car he drove.

Greg Sargent notices that the media is getting tired of hearing about McCain’s P.O.W. experiences all the time.

The Senate Republican Campaign Committee bought over $12,000 of equipment from Rudy Giuliani‘s presidential campaign. 

The intern Sam Hoyt had an affair with was 24 at the time, and interning for another legislator.

State Senate candidates Joe Mesi, Michele Iannello, and Dan Ward will debate Sunday.

State Senate candidates Alice Kryzan and Jon Powers are going to debate, but the third candidate, Jack Davis, has not agreed to do it.

Davis also created his own political party to make sure he gets on the ballot; it’s called the Save Jobs and Farms Party.

A vocal critic of the Willets Point redevelopment plan has sold his property to the city and is moving to Maspeth. 

Landowners in Western New York are forming a group to negotiate natural gas leases collectively.

In the comments section, Dan Jacoby says he thinks there was a deal to get Albert Baldeo out of the race.

Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro is hoping for a wind farm at Fresh Kills, and he said the site has been tested and would work.

PolitickerNJ reports that Obama is headlining a D.N.C. fund-raiser at Bon Jovi’s house in New Jersey on September 5.

And no, neither candidate has a announced a running mate yet.

  Elsewhere: Rudy’s Debt, Hoyt’s Affair, Bon Jovi’s Fund-Raiser