Elsewhere: Schumer’s Role in IndyMac, Obama’s Secret

The attorney general of California is considering whether to honor a request to investigate Chuck Schumer’s role int the collapse of IndyMac.

Obama knows who his running mate is, but he’s not telling.

However, it won’t be Sam Nunn.

Former Bloomberg spokesman John Gallagher is going to work for Tishman Construction.

Barack Obama is up by 10 points in Minnesota, but the race in Nevada is essentially a tie

A Gowanus Lounge blogger makes a passionate case for preserving Admiral’s Row.

John Hall’s district is now officially "Solid Democratic."

The last McCarren Pool party will be an Obama fund-raiser, naturally.

Liz reports that City Clerk Hector Diaz is expected to resign after only six months.

The state D.E.C. is trying to get Indian Point to alter its cooling system and save over a billion fish per year.

Upstate Congressional candidate Jon Powers blogs an approval of political progress in Iraq.

The New York Times may have a new John Edwards angle, Choire says.

McCain actually owns at least eight houses.

But a spokesman notes that most are investment properties–he only lives in about four.

Elsewhere: Schumer’s Role in IndyMac, Obama’s Secret