Enough Dark Knight Stories Already! Okay?

We find it hard to believe that Summer will draw to a close this weekend. Normally we’re a bit melancholy at this time of year; it must be the remnants of our youth, when seeing Jerry Lewis’ annual Labor Day Telethon on Channel 9 meant the school year was just around the corner.

This year however, we can’t wait for Summer to end! Once it’s over, maybe, just maybe, we won’t have to read any more stories about The Dark Knight.

Don’t get us wrong; we loved The Dark Knight. It was a wholly satisfying and towering achievement, flaws and all (the day Christopher Nolan figures out how to finish a movie will be a good one for filmgoers.)

But how many more articles need to be written about it? "News" about The Dark Knight has been more omnipresent and suffocating over these last few months than Katy Perry. There was the op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about Batman being a metaphor for George W. Bush; stories about the huge box office totals and the comparisons, foolishly, to Titanic; constant references to the "game changing" nature of The Dark Knight with regards to other superhero movies (see: The Watchmen and whatever Warner Bros. plans on doing with their next Superman movie); and of course, the false casting rumors about The Dark Knight‘s sequel, supposedly called The Caped Crusader.

Those casting stories were actually our last straw, specifically the rumor from earlier this week about Cher (Cher?!) being cast in the fake sequel as Catwoman, joining Johnny Depp and Phillip Seymour Hoffman (as The Riddler and The Penguin, natch.) Has it gotten to the point where everyone is so starved for anything Dark Knight related, that people are just making news up? We’re sick of it!

So here’s our plea: now that Summer is over, let’s stop with The Dark Knight stories. Or at least give them a rest until the inevitable "Don’t Forget Heath Ledger for Oscar" push occurs in December, to correlate with the DVD release.

And for the record, in our fake Dark Knight sequel, we have Mary-Louise Parker playing Catwoman, Sam Rockwell as The Riddler and Adrien Brody as The Penguin (he might not have the weight, but he certainly has the nose.)

Enough Dark Knight Stories Already! Okay?