Entourage Filming in Queens!

The boys of HBO’s Entourage are filming an episode in Queens today, according to a blog (misleadingly) called Filming in Brooklyn.

The Queens location makes sense; the show’s lead, Vincent Chase, played by the curly-haired Adrian Grenier, and his buddy, Eric (Kevin Connolly), move to Los Angeles from their childhood neighborhood of Queens, New York at the beginning of the series.

The shoot, which coincidentally took place not too far from a bus stop with a promo poster for the upcoming season, was on a quiet residential block that was heavily guarded by production assistants. But the Filming in Brooklyn blogger was able to sneak her way midway down the block and observe from behind the bushes. (There is even a video! Although due to the rather obstructed view, we see far more of the bushes than the actual actors.)

The scene, which was not particularly eventful, reportedly began with Mr. Grenier storming out of one of the houses and Mr. Connolly following closely behind. Mr. Grenier was dressed down in a black dress shirt, jeans, and Converse sneakers. Mr. Connolly was also in jeans and a plain blue T-shirt.

But just as it was about to get interesting, the crew broke for lunch.

Mr. Grenier walked down the block and happily greeted his fans and signed autographs while dodging the paparazzi lurking at the end of street, and then departed for lunch with Mr. Connolly.

Anyone have more details?

[Via Gothamist]




Entourage Filming in Queens!