Even with Biden, Van Drew says no

Jeff Van Drew insists he won’t be a late entrant into the second district House race against Republican U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, a district where Democrats think Joe Biden’s presence at the top of the ticket could help a congressional candidate in Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem counties – where some residents watch Delaware TV.

Van Drew did a late entrance once before: sensing a change in political climate, he got into the State Assembly race in late summer 2001 and unseated five-term GOP incumbent Jack Gibson (one year after winning a seat on the Cape May Board of Freeholders). But LoBiondo is no Gibson (or Nicholas Asselta, the incumbent State Senator he ousted last year), and Van Drew gets that raising federal money quickly isn’t easy, especially against LoBiondo.

The Democratic nominee, Cape May City Councilman David Kurkowski, is not being taken especially seriously by his party, who are much more optimistic about their chances of picking up open Republican House seats in Districts 3 and 7. And they already have one long shot candidate who seems to have Tier 2 all to himself: Dennis Shulman, a blind Rabbi who has enjoyed considerable fundraising success in his bid to challenge U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett. Even with Biden, Van Drew says no