Friday, August 22

Trim those bushes, LADIES: The Guild Hall throws a cocktail party chez actress Dina Merrill and hubby Ted Hartley to loosen the crowd up for Saturday’s “Garden as Art” event, basically a voyeuristic garden tour of everyone’s favorite unfriendly little WASP bunker, the Maidstone Club. (Yes, a cocktail party in honor of a garden tour; what will those brilliant Hamptonites think of next!?) Event chair Nina Gillman gaily reported that the tour will feature a “truly wonderful range of gardens,” including the one on the old “Spencecliff” estate. And in a galaxy far, far away—the one where we live—a stage reinterpretation of Last Tango in Paris, heavy on the butter, premieres in the East Village. According to director/mastermind Doris Mirescu, “There is nudity, yes, of course, we can’t shy away from that.” In fact, audiences “might be in awe” of the under-25 cast, “because what I’m trying to bring to the stage is intimacy. When you watch this you have to be engaged and it’s an act, and you feel alive and you feel intense, and you go on a journey, and”— Click.

[Cocktail party, Friday, 6 p.m., Lecture, Saturday, 10 a.m., Garden Tour, Saturday, noon, the Maidstone Club, East Hampton, 631-324-0806; Last Tango in Paris, Paradise Factory, 64 East Fourth Street, 8 p.m., 212-724-5004] Friday, August 22