VSL:WEB // What’s happening to ‘Sesame Street’?

It’s a sweet gig. Getting the opportunity to perform on the motherhood-and-apple-pie national media treasure Sesame Street is irresistible — whether you’re Stevie Wonder or Michael Stipe. Giving it away free on the Street qualifies as a bona fide mensch moment. But not everyone gets the call. Reps for the hard-core rap duo M.O.P. (short for Mash-Out Posse) probably long ago abandoned hope that their straight-outta-Brooklyn clients would ever share the screen with Ernie and Bert.

Not so fast. Check out an amusing (and unauthorized) video that neatly mashes up M.O.P.’s adrenaline-charged single “Ante Up” with clips of mismatched roomies Bert and Ernie. It’s all over quickly (1 minute 27 seconds), and on repeated viewings you’ll appreciate how perfectly Ernie’s hands move to the beat. It turns out YouTube has plenty of Sesame Street parodies mixed in with genuine clips from the show. Parents, be warned — never trust anything brought to you by the letters F and U.

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