Hurry, before the war in Iraq ends!

“Too soon?” It’s the go-to question a comic asks after failing to get a laugh out of our ever-breaking news cascade. There is, after all, that formula for humor: “Comedy is tragedy plus time” (see Alan Alda in Crimes and Misdemeanors). Well, forget that. The darkly political comic strip “Get Your War On” has been pointedly funny (not to mention . . . prescient) since its first appearance during the dark days of October 2001.

Now the comic, which was created by David Rees and has appeared in alternative newspapers and Rolling Stone, is a fully animated weekly Web series on the site 23/6 (which happens to be a corporate cousin of VSL). And by “fully animated” we mean that the minimalist clip-art style you’ve come to love in the strip — well, now it simply moves. It’s the smart-ass voices of the two office-drone leads — forever trying to make sense of the seemingly impossible-to-grasp “War on Terror” — that make this series a must-hear. Boom! Do it.

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