Giuliani Adviser: McCain Picked Rudy For the Moderates

A keynote address by Rudy Giuliani at the Republican National Convention signals John McCain’s commitment to winning the moderate and independent voters, according to a former senior adviser to Giuliani.

"The battleground is always in the middle, it’s not the party regulars on the left or the right but smack dab in the center," said the adviser, speaking on background. "Yes, Rudy will help with the independents, but he’ll also rally the troops by his ability to get the convention rocking and rolling."

The adviser noted that Giuliani, while moderate on social positions, was a favorite of the conservative tax group The Club for Growth. "There was nobody more conservative in the Republican race than Rudy Giuliani on taxes."

Giuliani is about to get on a McCain conference call, but in the meantime, spokeswoman Sunny Mindel offered this remark:

"Mayor Giuliani is honored. He’s known Senator McCain for a long time and looks forward to being part of the effort helping the senator become the next president of the United States during these challenging times."

Giuliani Adviser: McCain Picked Rudy For the Moderates