Gordon Johnson will leave Englewood council post

With a primary challenge from Joe Ferriero’s Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) always looming for Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, he announced earlier this week that he would resign from the Englewood City Council in March.

Although Johnson belongs to a slate of Democrats that has protested the practice of dual office-holding and voted to ban it, he has held an Englewood City Council since defeating a Ferriero ally, Rev. Vernon Walton, in a primary in 2006 (Walton is now a freeholder).

Ferriero allies have called Johnson’s hold on two offices hypocrisy, even if Johnson pledged not to seek another term.

“I was just thinking about running for state Assembly without having to deal with ‘is he going to step down or is he not?’,” he said. “I’m also responding to the people of New Jersey saying that they don’t want dual office-holding. Even though I feel that I was handling the job properly and doing a service to the people, I was representing the City of Englewood and the District right by giving them good service.”

The Englewood Municipal Committee will decide who gets to fill the rest of Johnson’s term, which finishes at the end of the year.

Johnson said he has one person in mind to replace him: Deirdre Glenn Paul, a professor at Montclair State University and the Englewood Democratic Municipal Chairwoman.

  Gordon Johnson will leave Englewood council post