Group fundraiser still resistant to Obama candidacy

DENVER – As the New Jersey delegation burst through the double doors into the parking of the Pepsi Center, looking over the shoulders and around the bulky accouterments of any number of security personnel for a clear path to a party at Invesco Field, a small group of those formerly known as the “The Group” huddled on the pavement.

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) had just spoken and so the emotion was still palpable, and Caren Turner, who has flirted with the idea of backing Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) rather than support the Democratic Primary conqueror of her candidate, remained unconvinced that she should back Barack.

“I’ve got to think about it,” said Turner. “I’d like to see what his platform is going to be to get more women into positions of government.”

With Turner stood Zenon Christodoulou, vice chair of the Somerset County Democratic Party and another Group member.

“What Hillary Clinton did tonight was she reminded us of why she was such a great candidate to begin with,” he said. “She was the first issue at this convention who framed the issues for our party.”

Another Clinton primary supporter from New Jersey, Lori Sackler, said she was ready to fight for the general election candidacy of Obama.

“I’m aboard now after this speech of Hillary’s,” Sackler said.

Group fundraiser still resistant to Obama candidacy