Gustav Means No Respite for New York Delegation

MINNEAPOLIS–"I got a text message a little while ago,” New York State Republican Chairman Joe Mondello told reporters in the Marriott Hotel lobby. “He’ll let us know what the scoop is.”

Mondello, wearing pre-Day-1-casual blue jeans, said, “It doesn’t look very good for Republicans to be having parties while people are losing their homes.” He said the timing of the storm and the convention pose “a perception problem.”

The storm, Gustav, has been categorized at times as a level 4 hurricane, higher than Katrina, which was a level 3 when it made landfall in 2005.

Convention-goers here were informed via text message that John McCain will determine later today how they’ll proceed with the Republican National Convention as the storm bears down on the coast.

There isn’t much good news for the New York Republicans at home, where they’re fighting to maintain a two-seat majority of the State Senate and eradication of their entire congressional delegation.

When asked what New Yorkers were here in town already, Mondello pointed to Representative Peter King of Long Island. When asked if any other New York congress members were here, Mondello said, “Isn’t he the only one?” (He was kidding, but not by much.)

Mondello said former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno would be arriving tomorrow, but that his successor, Dean Skelos of Long Island, is staying in New York to handle the legislative races.

Gustav Means No Respite for New York Delegation