Hillraiser: Let’s Capitalize on Obama Angst

Harmony-building joint exercises notwithstanding, there’s still plenty of animosity toward Barack Obama in the Clinton camp at the major-supporter level.

Here’s an email sent out by donor Ricki Lieberman last night to other Clinton supporters urging them not to give up on the idea of getting Hillary nominated in Denver. The event she refers to is this one.


This evening at a "thank you, Hillraisers" event, Senator Clinton told me how honored she is by the people who are working to have her name put into nomination and appreciative of those signing the petition. So, like the proverbial laser, I am focusing on getting Hillary’s name in nomination and nominated in Denver. This means zooming in on the decision makers and the opinion makers with thoughtful, persuasive communications. Please help in any way you can!



Finally, if you think the SDs are nervous about Obama’s non-performance, the "down ticket" Dems are petrified. There is a simple solution for their angst – have them lobby their delegates to select Senator Clinton. She will beat McCain with long coattails and sweep in Democrats up and down the ticket. Together we can make it happen in the next 20 days. So, GO GO GO! Ricki


UPDATE: I should have mentioned that this particular Hillraiser has been at this for a while, and that Clinton has distanced herself from the anti-Obama messages. Hillraiser: Let’s Capitalize on Obama Angst