Hudson Republican chairman not sure on Schundler

Hudson County Republican Chairman Jose Arango supported Bret Schundler in his past gubernatorial bids, but whether he’ll support the former Mayor’s bid to return to Grove Street is an open question.

“I have to go to the Jersey City Republican Party and ask them what they want to do,” said Arango during a phone interview.

The mayoral elections in Jersey City are non-partisan, which made it possible for a Republican like Schundler to win in a crowded field in 1992. Now, with Schundler looking to run again, Arango finds himself with a tough decision. He’s the city’s Director of Economic Development, and has given significant campaign contributions to Mayor Jerramiah Healy, a Democrat.

But he’s also found Schundler to be a loyal ally in the past.

“Schundler always supported me, and I always supported him. I have to do what’s right for the people,” he said.

And, according to Arango, Healy has not been a bad mayor. He blames local tax raises not on the Mayor, but on Governor Corzine’s policies.

“I think Healy has done a decent job,” said Arango. “It’s not what Mayor Healy has done that has raised taxes, it’s what Governor Corzine has done.”

Hudson Republican chairman not sure on Schundler