15 C.P.W. Alert! Another Penthouse Down, Two to Go

Another 15 Central Park West penthouse gone, leaving just two to go. A buyer dubbed on city records as Jnolva LLC has paid $10.7 million for penthouse 41B. Penthouse 42 has not been snapped up yet, and a few floors below, another penthouse on the 40th-floor has been on the market for a reported $80 million since early July, $58.5 million more than a buyer listed as Prominence Corp. paid for the four-bedroom condo about three months ago.

On July 22, an unknown buyer listed as 15 Central Park West Real Estate Holdings LLC paid $21.5 million for a 43rd-floor penthouse. LLCs have bought five of the six penthouse units sold in the building so far, but in the two most recent sales the identity of the new occupant has been hidden beneath layers of lawyers.

Whoever the latest resident mogul behind Jnolva is, neighbors will include Sandy and Joan Weill, who paid $42.4 million for PH 20 and caustic hedge-funder Daniel Loeb, who paid $45 million for PH 39. 15 C.P.W. Alert! Another Penthouse Down, Two to Go