VSL:WEB // Point, click, travel back in time

Imagine you’re flipping through an issue of Popular Science from 1967 and come upon several references to “blogging.” Pretty fantastic, eh? No, that didn’t actually happen, of course — but you can experience a similarly spooky sensation while checking out a 33-year-old IBM corporate slide-show presentation.

Discovered by the site Square America, this PowerPoint progenitor shows that online was a new buzzword way back in 1975 — when we thought Lite-Brites were pushing the techno-envelope. Your host, who looks like Yves Saint Laurent’s wonkish/brutish half-brother, will guide you through what to expect in the future of the past. The hardware is a bit large; in one photo a woman is standing before a row of what are either mainframe computers or washers at the Laundromat. Perhaps the scariest aspect of all this comes in realizing what awaits us: The next generation will watch an ad for that pokey old iPhone and condescendingly declare us “adorable.”

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