Gossip Girl is No Longer Enough for Wide-Eyed Taylor Momsen

Deceptively tall (she’s 5-foot-7!) Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen ventured out to Brooklyn the other day, but not to film a scene in her character’s Brooklyn loft apartment. Instead, Ms. Momsen was trying on a modeling a career, according to Fashionista.

The youngest of the show’s cast members, 14-year-old Ms. Momsen has reportedly signed with IMG. But hers will not be a career of commercial modeling. Ms. Momsen’s shots are aiming for the high-fashion heroin chic look of models nearly 20 years her senior.

Considering Ms. Momsen still looks like an awkward middle school field hockey player than a high-fashion model, it’s a bit of a stretch. Still, a source from the photo shoot told Fashionista that “Taylor was so nice and so cool. She took the subway from her apartment in Chelsea to the set, with her mom. They said they didn’t want to do the usual obvious stuff that a teen TV star would do; they were looking for really high-end things.”

According to her IMDB bio, Ms. Momsen began her acting career at the age of 3, when she appeared in a national Shake-n-Bake commercial; she subsequently snagged roles in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Spy Kids 2. But she might want to heed her frenemy Blair Waldorf‘s immortal words as she embarks on this new career path: “Be careful, Little J.”

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Gossip Girl is No Longer Enough for Wide-Eyed Taylor Momsen