Jackson wants to start hearing some fightin’ words

DENVER -The Rev. Reginald Jackson of Orange doesn’t want to hear about psychodramas and intra-party traumas. He wants the Bush third term attack unleashed now on Sen. Jon McCain (R-AZ).

"We’ve got to define McCain and you’ve got to deal with Bush and the Bush record of nonperformance," said Jackson, who was a core member of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) New Jersey fundraising team and is here in Denver in support of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Il) presidential campaign.

Jackson wants to feel a little more fighting pluck among his fellow Democrats, and some in- your-face chutzpah in anticipation of the GOP attack machine.

"Four years ago, John Kerry had this crazy notion that you don’t have to fight back in an election," said the reverend. "You’d have thought Bush was the war hero with the way they spun that contest. Look, elections are about contrasts, and I want to start seeing some of that soon."

When the Republicans gather in St. Paul just days after the Democratic National Convention ends, "You know they’re going to be jumping all over Obama. Now that’s an attack that we want to stop right here."

The Democratic Party message, said Jackson, has to hold the opposition to account for what he sees as eight years of profound wreckage.

"Bush lied to the country," he said. "He tried to ut his party in that family values box with all this talk of compassionate conservatism, which was all a cover-up for a very specific, special interest agenda. And people need to be reminded."

Jackson wants to start hearing some fightin’ words