Jamie Drake-Designed Triplex Falls Victim to Kindergarten Crisis!

Two years ago, in one of the most awesomely honest interviews ever given about a very, very expensive apartment, Seema Kalia, the wife of hedge fund manager Vedula Murti, told The Observer about her new $7,127,750 triplex in the 104-year-old mansion at 3 East 75th Street. "You know that sometimes people buy great houses and have no taste?" Ms. Kalia said then. "Well, we have no taste, so we put it in the hands of someone who does." She hired Madonna’s designer, Jamie Drake, to fix up the space–not to mention The Dirty Sock Funtime Band to play for her 4-year-old daughter’s friends in the apartment. (Click here and scroll down to read more of that interview.)

Her kid won’t be getting any more concerts in the triplex! This morning, just a few weeks after The Observer broke the news that a semi-scandalous investor named James Chanos is buying another hefty apartment in the building, Ms. Kalia emailed to say that her triplex has gone on the market. Here’s her missive explaining what happened, reprinted exactly as sent:

"Well, in a cruel twist of irony (or something) after two years spent painstakingly implementing perfectly detailed Jamie Drake decor (including a gold-leaf bar!)….our daughter was admitted to a great K on the UPPER WEST SIDE.

And two weeks of cross-park commuting for summer camp was a logistics nightmare, since K are too big for strollers….so, we actually listed our place for sale (at a relative bargain! compared to Chanos’)

So it seems the 15 years ahead of two kids commuting cross-the park (and the fact that I will inevitably end up working for a media co. somewhere on the West Side) it seemed better to just suck it up and move now, rather than later.

I am not a well woman. I have fantasies about the 15 minute commute on the Amsterdam express bus.

But Jamie Drake has assured me he can build another gold-leaf bar in our next home."

BONUS: Ms. Kalia sent a second email! "Here’s the listing: It’s sort of breaking my heart, but I’m sure we’ll find another great place…which will probably need a lot of work.

But it just seems like I’ll spend the next 15 years feeling guilty and selfish when the kids are rushing to try to get to school every time it rains, and they have to get three buses. KWIM?" Jamie Drake-Designed Triplex Falls Victim to Kindergarten Crisis!