June and Jun

They don’t look alike, aren’t the same gender, and they’re generations apart.

But Democratic National Committeewoman June Fischer, 76 and Edison Mayor Jun Choi, 37, were kindred spirits as they took in the Democratic National Convention next to each othher tonight as the “two Jun(e)s”, and joked that – seriously, sort of — they have a lot in common.

“Besides sharing a great name, we’re both die-hard Democrats,” said Choi.

Fischer’s first convention was 1972, when she watched George McGovern accept the Democratic presidential nomination. She’s been to every one since. Choi’s first was 2000, when he watched Al Gore accept the nomination. He’s been to every one since then.

They both hope that this time will turn out better.

And their bond is amplified by the newly announced Democratic presidential ticket. Choi was one of the earliest public officials in the state to back Obama. Fischer was loyal to Joe Biden.

Fischer, who’s seen it all, sees a rising star in Choi.

“Whatever he goes for he gets. That’s the mark a really extraordinary politician.”

Choi, for his part, returns lavish praise to Fischer.

“You are like my Korean mother, and I’m like your Jewish son,” he told her. June and Jun