Katie Holmes and Baggy Jeans: The Photographic Evidence

While attending rehearsals for Broadway’s revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons over the past couple of weeks in New York, Katie Holmes has been clinging to her pegged boyfriend jeans like a security blanket while away from her home in Los Angeles—which hasn’t gone unnoticed by gossip and fashion blogs, all of which seem to be wondering what has inspired this new sartorial direction.

We can’t pretend to know what’s going through Ms. Holmes’s mind (can anyone really these days?), but according to US Weekly, this tired old pair of jeans belongs to her husband, Tom Cruise. A rep for Prps, the brand that manufactured the jean, told the magazine that they’ve even adopted the men’s style for women for their fall collection.

Ms. Holmes’ borrowed pair of slouchy pants—a look more appropriate for a fishing trip than the streets of Lower Manhattan—have appeared in a variety of poses. There they are with a silk scarf and neat little cardigan; with ruby red three-inch heels and a hot pink sweater; with black, red, silver and copper flats; paired with loose-fitting cardigans and t-shirts as she takes daughter, Suri, to the park, and hops in and out of her chauffeured SUV between rehearsals. With each passing day they appear more and more faded. Perhaps a visit to the dry cleaners is in order.

Click the icon at the above right for a series of Ms. Holmes’s pegged denim looks. Katie Holmes and Baggy Jeans: The Photographic Evidence