Kennedy to Speak, Biden Arrives, E.P.A. Considers Superfund for Newtown

Ted Kennedy is in Denver and will speak tonight. [CNN]

Due to low protest turnout, some streets in Denver are being reopened earlier than expected. [A.P.]

The White House has nothing but praise for Joe Biden. [Jonathan Martin]

Condi Rice praised him as well, as said she wouldn’t get into the politics of it. [The Plank]

Biden is reportedly not a great fund-raiser. [Washington Wire]

But! He is in Denver and ready to "give ’em hell." [First Read]

The video that precedes Michelle Obama’s speech tonight will be called "South Side Girl." [Politics on the Hudson]

Republicans in Denver brought out four Hillary-turned-McCain voters. [Politics West]

The Obama campaign responds to an attack ad about Bill Ayers that was created by an outside group. [The Page]

Meanwhile, back in New York, N.O.W. is protesting Republican State Senator Joe Robach’s "Women’s Health Fair." [Rochester Turning]

Andrew Cuomo and leaders of 12 other states are suing the E.P.A. for not creating regulations to stop pollution from oil refineries. [Journal News]

The E.P.A. is looking into making Newtown Creek a Superfund site after pressure from New York politicians. [City Room]

A Williamsburg blogger is glad, but notes that the Superfund process can be long. [NAG]

Larry Norden is dissapointed that David Paterson vetoed a bill that might have made New York ballots better. [ReformNY]

An upstate Republican thinks Jon Powers should also give back Charlie Rangels money. [Buffalo Bean]

And Liz wonders if the "Paterson-Skelos detente" might be over. [Daily Politics]

Kennedy to Speak, Biden Arrives, E.P.A. Considers Superfund for Newtown