Krueger’s Heavy Heart, Obama’s Half-Brother

Both Barack Obama and John McCain’s ads on taxes are said to be misleading. [Politics on the Hudson]

The State Senate is in session and likely to approve the budget cuts the Assembly already passed, although Democrat Liz Krueger says she’s doing it with a "heavy heart." [Albany Watch]

Here are striking photos of the power plant Eric Gioia and Isaac Abraham are trying to save from demolition, due to health concerns. [Nate Kensinger]

Andrew Cuomo will host a community forum with Jerry Nadler, Scott Stringer, Eric Schneiderman, Tom Duane, Linda Rosenthal and Gale Brewer at 7 p.m. tonight, 250 West 65th Street. [no link]

Joe Lieberman will reportedly speak at the Republican National Convention. [AP]

Obama’s Kenyan half-brother says he tells people they aren’t related. [Daily Telegraph]

Krueger’s Heavy Heart, Obama’s Half-Brother