Leftovers: Memories of Major League Baseball Contraction

Gallup’s daily tracking poll now shows the presidential race dead even.

Would you believe that CNN’s audience is more Democratic than MSNBC’s?

Perhaps not surprisingly, Ted Stevens is having trouble raising money for his re-election bid.

Joe Biden, we are told, is “peaking at the right time” in the Veepstakes – the same words that are typically used to describe sports teams just before they suffer humiliating first-round post-season defeats.

Evangelical voters take center stage this weekend.

The man who almost ended the Minnesota Twins as we know them has bundled $217,000 for Barack Obama.

Bob Ney is free from jail 13 months ahead of schedule – and you may soon be hearing his voice on the radio.

It may or may not have anything to do with this, but David Paterson won’t be speaking at the Democratic convention.

Kirsten Gillibrand has a new ad up. Leftovers: Memories of Major League Baseball Contraction