Leftovers: Solzhenitsyn for Veep?

Drudge is buzzing about the New York Times newsroom supposedly buzzing about a possible V.P. announcement from Barack Obama tomorrow morning.

Maybe coincidentally and maybe not, Joe Biden is expected to return from Georgia late today.

The Washington Post says there are five V.P. finalists, but that eight different people could occupy those slots.

Will Rupert Murdoch get the scoop again this time?

Gallup’s daily track: Obama 46, McCain 43.

McCain (and Olympian Dana Torres) will spend the first night of the Democratic convention on Jay Leno’s couch. 

Orson Swindle vouches for the consistency of McCain’s similar-to-Solzhenitsyn prison camp anecdote.

Dubbed “the worst choice the party could have made” by Guy Molinari, Robert Straniere is not surprisingly having trouble winning over his fellow Republicans on Staten Island.

Is it significant that it’s seen as news that Governor Paterson will headline a fundraiser for Senate Democrats?

Bloomberg’s response to whether he wants his name on Virginia’s presidential ballot: No decision yet.

Paterson is one Hillary Clinton backer who doesn’t plan to cast a symbolic vote for her at the convention.

Leftovers: Solzhenitsyn for Veep?