Leftovers: Solzhenitsyn’s Back!

Biden says "I’m not the guy." But is he just pulling a Bentsen

Hillary’s delegates want her to be Obama’s V.P.; Obama’s don’t.

Joe Lieberman is being vetted.

More evidence that McCain wants to put Lieberman on the ticket – whether he’ll be able to is a different matter.

Obama takes his turn at the V.F.W. convention…

…while McCain finally got to visit that off-shore oil rig he’s been eyeing.

This should help MSNBC fight those liberal bias charges.

David Paterson will address the Democratic convention after all – and so will Randi Weingarten and Nydia Velazquez (who may or may not believe that Obama has “a problem of connecting with Latino voters”).

That whole McCain-plagiarized-Solzhenitsyn thing? Not so much.

L.A. Times: Obama 45, McCain 43 – down from a 12-point Obama lead in an L.A.T./Bloomberg poll in June.

In New York, Siena has the race at just eight points – copmpared to 13 when they polled last month.

The state Assembly passed a two-tiered millionaire’s tax on a 118-24 vote.

Ray Kelly holds a very mayoral photo op.

And get well soon, Yaz.

Leftovers: Solzhenitsyn’s Back!