Liu’s Party Platform Letter

Here’s part of a letter from City Councilman John Liu on official City Council stationary that announces a meeting to help shape the Democratic Party platform.

A spokesman for Liu said it was probably a mistake that the announcement appeared on letterhead, and explained Liu was elected to the Democratic convention as an alternate delegate. The letter violates the firewall prohibiting the use of official government material for something political. (Remember, Herman Denny Farrell accidentally crossed that line when he invited colleagues to his campaign re-election event on official Assembly stationary.)

The letter, forwarded to me by another reporter (thanks!), says Liu will host “a listening session” next week “to ensure all voices are heard and accounted for in this exciting political process.” It goes on to say “The outcome of these meetings will be reported to the Platform Committee for deliberation later this month at the National Democratic Convention in Denver, Co.”

The national organization released a draft of the platform last weekend. Liu’s Party Platform Letter