Male Journos: Meghan McCain Will Not Attend the Next Radar Party With You

The Huffington Post’s media vertical (don’t you love when we talk nerdy to you?) tips us off to a breezy, quote-heavy article (“quoticle”?) about would-be first daughter Meghan McCain in this month’s Glamour. Writer E.A. Hanks (who knows a thing or two about having a well-connected father) quotes the feisty, Hills-star-befriending Ms. McCain on her choice in men:

I don’t want to be an accessory to a guy’s impending political career, and unfortunately I get that a lot. I’m not attracted to guys with political action committees, I’m sorry…. I’m attracted to men whose realities are different [from mine]. You’ll get a lot further with me talking about art and music than you will talking about politics…. And I’d really hate myself if I dated a journalist.

While straight male journalists the nation over recover from that snub (and contemplate how the entire McCain family is breaking their hearts), let’s look back at a time—not so long ago—when Ms. McCain was friendlier with members of the fourth estate. A lot friendlier.

In March, GQ‘s Greg Veis profiled the 23-year-old Ms. McCain and wrote the following:

Meghan McCain arrives at the door to her apartment out of breath and wobbly in calf-high boots. It’s a seventy-five-degree February afternoon in Phoenix, and the 23-year-old daughter of the presumptive Republican nominee for president is wearing a black leather jacket over a scarf and gray scoop-neck T-shirt. I extend my hand to introduce myself, but she knocks it down and wraps me up in a bear hug.
‘I’ve never had anybody fly across the country for me who I wasn’t dating,’ she says. ‘I’m so flattered!’

A little later in the piece, Ms. McCain points to an unusual skull clock and asks Mr. Veis, “You like it, right?… Because I told my friends I’d throw it away if the GQ guy didn’t like it.”

In the same piece, Ms. McCain admits she used to want to be a journalist, and even interned at Newsweek. Maybe all that exposure to the real world of working hacks is why she doesn’t want to cozy up to male journalists anytime soon.

So, what’s her dad’s excuse?

Male Journos: Meghan McCain Will Not Attend the Next Radar Party With You